I would like to share my vision to address some key issues and my plan forward


I will bypass political influence and give “Power to the People”.  By conducting District Quarterly Meetings and/or hosting virtual interface exchanges allowing residents of District 134 to vote on popular bills.  Your opinion matters not just on election day but as we move forward to strengthening our community and ending corruption in the government.

Health Care

Health insurance is expensive and far too often unaffordable for many.   Providing a Universal Health Care program will assist in creating a better life for all.  The pursuit to thrive and enjoy life should not be limited by medical expenses.  I will support legislation to provide affordable health care to all New York State residents.


Middle class income growth has been tepid for decades. While the cost of life’s necessities continue to rise. I will support measures to strengthen economic growth and ensure citizens are not taxed into poverty.


I will exercise discipline, eliminate waste and close loopholes.  Ensuring our tax dollars are working for residents and improving the quality of life for all.  I will oppose measures that will create a  financial burden on citizens.


I will support high quality public education initiatives and create an education system that works for all people. Strengthening educational programs from Pre-K to college and support programs to enhance job skills and development.