Carolyn Carrol is a strong, capable woman who has a track record of getting things done.

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A Belief in the Better

Carolyn Carrol was Inspired by the legacy of the late Assemblywoman Louise Slaughter, whose involvement with community and environmental groups and local associations helped that district to realize significant and lasting change for the better.

Best Practice Solutions

Too many politicians promise change without having concrete, proven solutions to help solve long-standing issues within the community. Carolyn Carrol plans to utilize best practice approaches that have worked in similar communities.

Pragmatic Leadership

Carolyn Carrol will leverage her experience as a Fraud Investigator with Monroe County Department of Human Services and expertise regarding state and federal statues, court processes, administrative hearings, eligibility testing, case management as well as child welfare, child support, diversion and income support programs, to assist people throughout the county.

Practical Efficiency

The people of New York's 134th District deserve someone who can work with every facet of government to positively and efficiently affect healthcare, education, property taxes, jobs, and the justice systems that have been key issues to Monroe County.


The following organizations have officially endorsed Carolyn Carrol for New York State Assembly District 134


My focus for a better, more sustainable Monroe County that works for ALL people

Imagine having access to better healthcare, education, employment, and lower property taxes.
I see it and I hope you can share my vision.


Time-tested and Proven Methods

I intend to utilize the great ideas from our past leaders and match them with the innovations of the present technology to improve the way we approach and address challenges.



Public life is what people create when they connect with each other in public spaces—the streets, plazas, parks, and city spaces between buildings. Public life studies analyze observed human behavior in shared spaces to inform policy, regulations, and public space design. Better planning for what affects public life is how we will rise to meet the challenges of Monroe County.



I believe in adopting a framework that guides future growth and development that addresses a wide range of topics that affect how we experience our county. These topics include land use, economic development, housing, environmental protection, transportation, employment and more.



In an inclusive city, residents are able to make choices about where they live, how they earn a living, and how they get around–regardless of whether they have lived here for generations or moved here last week, and regardless of their race, income, or age. Realizing this vision will only happen when we have representation that reflects the values of our beloved county.

Government CAN work to improve the lives of its citizens!

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

Historically, government planning has resulted in the exact opposite of what was intended. We all make plans. We plan our workdays, we plan our careers, we plan for retirement. But private plans are flexible and we easily change them when new information is presented. In contrast, as soon as a government plan is enacted, people who benefit from that plan form special interest groups to ensure that the plan does not change no matter how costly it proves to be to the greater society. My plans and any subsequent amendments to those plans will always put citizens first.

Why People Are Excited About Carolyn Carrol

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The General Election is November 3rd, 2020

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